What's CINCO?

The Communication Research Center (CINCO) is a Nicaraguan civil society institution that specializes in communication, culture, democracy and public opinion studies, focusing on the social and political role of mass media when building democracy. Although it was created in 1990, it functions as an non-profit association since 1995.

To this day, CINCO has launched about thirty publications on issues such as democracy, actors of change and national media. Therefore, several media have contributed with the analysis and dissemination of these topics. Some of them are the radio show Onda Local, the TV shows Esta Semana and Esta Noche and the digital newspaper Confidencial.

CINCO comprises a diverse group of professionals that work in social and communication sciences, as well as journalists, media managers and publicists. All of them are committed to developing investigations on social issues and creating new strategies, in order to relate to their readers.

Some of its founders include CINCO’s president, the renowned Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, former president of the Barricada newspaper and the current director of the TV shows Esta Semana and Esta Noche, and the digital newspaper Confidencial. The journalist Sofia Montenegro is the executive director of the organization and the author of several publications on national media, gender, political culture and governance.

CINCO has become a reference when managing socially useful knowledge. It provides new tools for political and social actors, so that they can analyze their national context in a more effective way, demanding freedom of expression and social justice, which leads to a better citizen participation.