What do we do?

 CINCO has been constituted as a research center specialized in political and communication issues. It is the only national institution that focuses on the behavior of the national media and its contribution to the social development of the country.

The organization aims to recognize the role of national media as a vital political actor that functions as a link between civil society and the State. According to this principle, CINCO performs two lines of action:

Producing knowledge for political actors

Through our Research Program we aim to reproduce socially useful knowledge, based on the needs of social actors regarding three main subjects: Democracy and governance, actors and political culture, media and democracy.

Creating new communication spaces

Creating new spaces and communication strategies for the socialization of the information of public interest, which generates well-informed public opinions and the strengthening of a civic political culture.

Both lines of action have been articulated in every program developed by CINCO: the Research Program and the Training and Dialogue Program among political actors.

As part of the second program, the organization has established strategic alliances with social actors (women and youth), communication actors (media owners, editors and journalists), as well as political actors (decision makers). This aims to strengthen critical thinking skills and an effort to improve democratic participation in Nicaragua.

The research center you are visiting produces several reports on structural analysis according to these lines of investigation. It also provides essays and newsletters in which all authors analyze the context of issues of national interest.