Our Profile


 Produce, manage and socialize the knowledge that allows the strengthening of citizenship and an influence the national public agenda, specifically the national media, as well as citizen deliberation forums that promote a collective consensus and a more democratic relationship between the State and society.  


 We are both a national and international renowned center of critical thinking that has become a reference in communication issues. CINCO contributes to a more democratic development based on freedom of expression and opportunities for social groups, when it comes to demanding citizen rights.  


 CINCO’s institutional philosophy – in addition to the media programs that the center co-produces – is based on principles of equality and non-discrimination, human dignity, freedom, justice and the promotion of human development. All of these principles also appear in the Nicaraguan Political Constitution and Human Rights treaties that have been incorporated into the national legal framework.

The organization tries to fulfill the democratic duty of the national media - both between social and political actors and the State - through the following tasks: monitoring power and contributing to the democratization of our society. Our principles are fundamental for these purposes: 

Our values

  • The principle of autonomy of social and political actors and the need to establish partnerships for the greater good.  
  • Citizen participation in every decision-making process as an essential element for the democratization of our society.
  • The exercise of citizen control through a competitive and transparent public opinion regime.
  • The right of information as an essential element in order to raise the capacity to defend citizen rights. 
  • Individual and collective dialogical ethics that create spaces for communication and consultation among civil society and a dialogue with the State.