Media Observatory

The National Media Observatory is one of CINCO's most challenging projects, since it implies the study of the national media as a political actor. It has created an innovative proposal that combines two complementary perspectives:

  • Studying the role that the Nicaraguan media plays both in the democratization of the country and the monitoring of public and private power. 
  • Monitoring the media as a public actor who owesitself to the follow up and analysis of the public opinion.

One of the main challenges is promoting a culture of accountability within the national media, which should be consistent with the work it performs in terms of investigating other public actors. The idea is to encourage self-criticism on its professional work, both in the kind of content it publishes and its organizational practices. The Observatory proposes:

  • Monitoring the behaviour of media in terms of its contribution to the democratization of society, development of the country and freedom of expression.
  • Encouraging regulatory systems and self-regulations on the professional exercise, as part of a citizen right.
  • Promoting the inclusion of new voices and social actors in order to strengthen an authentic culture of participation.
  • Supporting the inclusion of these issues in Nicaragua's public agenda. 

Research Methodology

In order to accomplish these goals, the Observatory undertakes a qualitative monitoring process of public debates in national media. It permanently analyzes the reporting of the Nicaraguan media, the level of autonomy and independence from different sectors, in addition to the issues and solutions, as well as the approch on social, economical, political and cultural events that turn out to be relevant to the country.

As a result of this investigation, the Observatory publishes biweekly, monthly and quaterly reports on vital issues on mainstream media, whether it is on radio, newspapers and television. The dissemination of the most important findings are always presented to journalists and citizens, so there can be a debate that allows to strengthen and diversify the approach on these subjects.

CINCO's Media Observatory completes the circle that tracks the performance of our main social actors: the State, the civil society and the national media. The Media Observatory is supervised by the journalist Guillermo Rothschuh.