CINCO’s management model is based on complementary disciplines. This means that even if the organization comprises a variety of programs that relate to each subject, each task requires a contest among specialists. These are our programs:

  •  Research program
  • Training and Dialogue program with actors

Research program

Its goal is to create socially useful knowledge, carefully designed so that actors and organizations of the Nicaraguan civil society have tools that allow them to analyze the reality of the country and make a better definition of their actions. The following research guidelines were established according to the objectives of the center:  

Democracy and governance: Investigating the most important aspects of democracy building in Nicaragua, in addition to the evolution of governance. It takes into account elements such as the political regime and system, the relationships between the State and civil society, State reforms, democracy and markets, freedoms and citizen rights, transparency and accountability, among others.

Political culture and social actors: Addressing changes in the political culture of social actors, who are usually considered key to democracy within the Nicaraguan society. It focuses on youth issues, women, organizational culture, sexuality, culture and politics, empowerment of social actors and citizenship building.  

Media and democracy: It analyzes the national media as a political actor and its role on democracy building in Nicaragua. In that sense, the topics of research for this program are related to political communication, communicative mediation, media and citizenship, media and power, and media development.  

Training and Dialogue Program for Actors

It is divided in two areas. The first one aims at capacity building of social and political actors, with an emphasis on the theoretical and the methodological approach of the topics that CINCO promotes: democracy and governance, political culture and social actors, media and democracy. As a result of this program, CINCO promotes:  

  • An itinerant school that provides a training program for leaders of civil society organizations throughout the country.  
  • Courses and seminars taught by members of the institution, depending on the demands of social actors.

The second area, which is the Training and Dialogue Program for actors, pursues the creation of a permanent dialogue forum, which is organized depending on the culmination of research and essays.

Therefore, CINCO annually produces the following publications:

  • Scientific research
  • Opinion essays
  • Analysis reports
  • A permanently updated website
  • A report on the state of governance (Observatory for National Governance)
  • Articles of public interest