Research Team

CINCO's research program is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in economical, political, social and communication studies. New faces have been added to the team in recent years, a strategy that aims to broaden the scope of research and improve its efficiency. Another goal is to train a new generation of researchers, citizens that work under CINCO's analytical framework and become engaged with socially oriented research.

CINCO's research dynamic is known for alternating abstract knowledge with useful, strategic tools of analysis, which are presented as scientific reports, opinion essays, newsletters, forums and a more direct effort of training and follow up for social actors. The research area is coordinated by the sociologist Elvira Cuadra, who is supervised by the journalist Sofía Montenegro.


  • Elvira Cuadra Lira

    Nicaraguan sociologist

    She is a researcher at the Communication Research Center (CINCO), in addition to a research associate at the...

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  • Sofía Montenegro

    Journalist and Researcher

    Co-founder and member of the Editorial Board of Diario Barricada (1979-1994). Author of several investigations...

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  • Violeta Delgado Sarmineto

    Operations Manager and Facilitator for Empowerment Projects

    Even though she studied hard sciences (Mathematics) at Universidad...

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  • Leonor Zúniga Gutiérrez

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Media Observer

  • Guillermo Rothschuh Villanueva

    Journalist and writer

    With a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Rothschuh...

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